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Thread: NINJA - Tanking

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    NINJA - Tanking

    I would like to suggest a modification to the NINJA (NIN) job that would help improve its usefulness and therefore demand as a tank.

    Changing shadows so they are not instantly wiped by any/all area of effect (AOE) attacks, I believe, would be a step in the right direction. Whether this be accomplished by adding a particular Job Ability (JA) with a given cooldown, or a latent job trait, there are numerous ways this could be implemented.

    Reasoning is that paladin has enhanced blocking rate job abilities (and spells), Rune Fencer has a heightened parry rate job ability, so it would make sense (if NIN is still considered a tanking job) to have something unique to the NIN job to achieve this.

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    Few things I would like for NIN to be a viable option for any content:

    - Make Ninjutsu enfeebling spells either on par with RDM enfeebling, or stack with them. Like, RDM slowing a monster, and Ninjutsu slowing it even further with Hojo. If Ninjutsu enfeebling acted this way, that alone would make NIN a much more desired job to bring in groups for endgame content.
    - Add more Ninjutsu skill equipment, because right now, it is extremely difficult for spells to stick on High end enemies (Lvl 130+ enemies) with any combination of gear, rendering NIN spells just useless for content that matters. I mean, I don't remember ninjutsu spells landing on anything in High-Tier Battles at very difficult, and I'm actually pretty well geared for it.
    - Please for the love of god, make it so we can swap ammo pieces from shuriken to other type of ammo without having the character blink despite having lockstyle on, or at the very least make it so we don't lose target lock when blinking due to equipment swapping. That alone makes me not want to change the ammo slot in my macros because it's just way too annoying having to re-lock on target every time I use a weapon skill or a spell, which is every 3-5 seconds, but this means I'm not reaching the full potential of what NIN can output.
    - On the same note, it would be nice to have more variety of shurikens with different bonus on them, like ninjutsu skill bonus or magic burst or something that help enhance spells or dual wield or something.
    - Give it just one more enmity tool that can be constantly used, like provoke can be. Yonin and Gekka are nice for enmity, but they aren't instant-"get over here!" tools. Issekigan is probably my favorite job ability, it's awesome, and the enmity generated is great. But its a 3 minutes recast. I just think it would be nice for nin to have one more action to use repeatedly to refresh enmity. Elemental Ninjutsu just don't cut it for this, because simply normally hitting the enemy with katanas generates more enmity than what a spell can generate for the time it takes to cast it.

    What would be even more awesome, though, would be to make Katana weapon skills more powerful. The main criticism I hear is that NIN just can't output the damage a SAM or a WAR can, so groups have no reason to invite NIN to anything. They have their PLD or RUN do the tanking, and they have their two-handed weapon wielding jobs do the damage. NIN stands just short at either of these positions, except for a few specific situations, where shadow-tanking is preferable to a PLD (like once in a blue moon when Ambuscade offers such a situation). I wish it weren't so, because NIN is my favorite job, has been for the last 15 years. Maybe tweak Innin and Yonin to toggle between "tanking mode" and "DD mode" I know it's kind of the case right now, but it just falls a tad short of making NIN a viable tank or a viable DD compared to other options. Maybe while under the effect of Innin, weapon skill get a damage bonus, or something like that. Perhaps as a trade-off for stronger weapon skill damage, making utsusemi unusable or something.

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