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    Thanks for keeping FFXI updated with nice new contents.
    We really appreciate your continued efforts in expanding FFXI over the years.
    There are some problems with the new Relic augments.
    First, the Head used to be nice for increasing "-ton: San" damage. Now it's the feet and that is a problem since it overlaps with the Ninja Relic feet that has Magic Burst +10.
    Am I wrong or we don't get any Innin augments from the relic augments?
    I read that the relic head augment gives a bonus to both Innin and Yonin but it's not displayed in the FFXI game client.
    If the relic head augment does give the Innin bonus, again, it overlaps with the Empyrean head Innin bonus.
    Finally, the augment for the relic feet reads; "Enh. Ninj. Mag. Acc/Cast Time Red." So no more extra damage to help merit category? Casting Time Reduction... is not needed for -ton spells.
    Is it possible to have any clarifications on which merit group II category affects which Relic augments and at what potency? Please?
    Can I recommend to change around the head and feet augments please?
    Also, I do feel like Ninja "Utsusemi" is dying from FFXI. And it's a bit sad. Since early Final Fantasy, Ninja used to be nice for being able to have a self blink effect.

    I hope the following feedback will be valuable to you;
    About Merit group II category for Ninja...
    Sange: Please remove that completely, it is contradictive with Danken that uses shirikens without expanding them.Good shurikens are so hard to get, it's not a good idea to throw them away.
    Ninja Tool Expertise: Very good to play Ninja more without being to costly.
    Yonin Effect: Not my style but I like the idea, however Ninja is more and more a DD not a Tank since Utsusemi has been nerfed too hard.
    Innin Effect: That's interesting but also feels a bit too situational a bit like Yonin Effect.
    Ninjutsu Magic Accuracy: Interesting but not really what a Ninja needs.
    Ninjutsu Mag. Atk. Bonus: Interesting but I fell like this is used in rare occasions.

    Ninja needed different Merits, and really needed the help with it.
    I have been playing Ninja in FFXI for 14 years soon, so I hope my are suggestions valuable to you;
    1- Utsusemi Effect; +20% chance per merit for all Utsusemi Shadows to absorb AOE & +15% chance per merit for only 1 Utsusemi Shadow to be consumed from AOE absorbtion.
    2- Ninjutsu Recast; -5% recast time for Ninjutsu
    3- Pair Yonin and Innin effects into 1
    4- Pair Ninjutsu Magic accuracy with Ninjutsu Magic attack
    5- Remove Sange completely, or make it so it does not consumes shurikens
    6- Ninja Tool Expertise; keep it as it is.

    For the Relic,
    Head; Bonus with Ninjutsu Magic accuracy & attack. (no casting speed)
    Body; Utsusemi Effect; -5% recast time for Utsusemi spells
    Hands; keep it as it is
    Legs: Mijin Gakure is a waste but since all relic sets has a 1h augment... Maybe add a reraise effect to Mijin Gakure?
    Feets: Yonin & Innin effect.

    Thanks a lot for your time reading this, thanks even more for considering the feedback & suggestions.
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