Sorry, but this is what we've been waiting for? I don't think so...

This update is lazy and addresses no issues concerning Ninja. Literally nobody cares about meritable :San spells being turned into purchasable scrolls from an NPC.

How about adjusting Yonin to include Magic Evasion or something altogether unique? What about adding Weapon Skill Damage as a perk to Innin?

Have you considered adding more than one decent shuriken?

What about giving Ninja more than one pathetic tier of Damage Limit+..?

If all SE ever plans on doing is make adjustments to Ninjutsu (because SOMEBODY there still thinks it has any usefulness beyond Utsusemi, Migawari or Kakka), could you at least finally implement Jubaku: Ni and Dokumori: Ni? You've been driving my OCD out-of-control for over a decade now.