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    An idea i had posted in another thread about an all new endgame content addition.

    I would like to see some new powerful ilvl 119, enemy power level 135 challenging HNM created and established within areas of open air size from original FFXI. I'm suggesting La Theine Plateau, Valkurm Dunes, Konschtat Highlands, Pashhow Marshlands, Rolanberry Fields, Batallia Downs, Jugner Forest, Meriphataud Mountains, Sauromugue Champaign, Xarcabard, Eastern Altepa Desert.

    Design would have to be extremely important and properly executed. 90 to 120 minite respawn times per NM. Advanced inclusive interface and accessibility that echoes the domain invasion wyrms.
    A purely NPC collaborated reward system that mirrors ToAU assault reward vendors and Campaign Battle Allied Notes.
    Pre-requirements to content access suggesting lvl 99 + potpourri initial permanent key item @ cost of 500 potpourri. Temporary key item for combat access per battle @ cost of 2500 conquest points. New temporary key item available from npc placed at most centralized < pos > map location available immediately after the defeat of previous combat. No artificial time limitations placed on encounter.
    "Rage" conditional attack speed, attack power, defense, movement speed + draw-in for HNM incumbered by environmental obstructions with duration of 120 seconds.
    Rewards that excel above Geas Fete content treasures and equally as significant in variety, applications and diversity.
    These new NMs could take form in the depictions of beastmen, or geographically correlated enemy types, or evil anti-characters of storyline npc.
    Bonus currency could be distributed to alliances that attain the highest three evaluations of enmity time sustained, total damage, least K.O.'s, status ailments healed and highest adherence to weaknesses and avoidance of player-produced ineffective actions (as in immunities) much alike campaign battles.
    Trusts are allowed, but come at a penalty of -10% currency reward per total trust activated per encounter. Evaluations are dispensed upon alliance composition, if a player disbands from an alliance during an encounter they can not accept a party invite until the encounter ends or until they change areas which will remove the encounter status from their character. Characters attain encounter status once they have the temporary key item and successfully engage the combat through standard claim/enmity conditions.
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