Been gone since 2015, now I am back. Was debating to put this in the "Quality of Life" suggestion thread or create a new one, but I digress.....

My favorite feature is Monstrosity. tbh, It is the reason I chose XI over XIV. This is the only mmo I know in which you can play as the actual monsters. Would be great if XIV implemented something like this.

Anyway, such a great feature; what a shame the bestiary was never finished. There are many missing species; like the......

-Am I missing any?

....I figured it would not be too much trouble to complete the bestiary overtime with consoles out of the picture.

-Allow them in [S] areas, and campaign but scale their strength down while participating maybe?
-Allow them to zone into besieged during an attack?
-Maybe Abyssea on a default 120 min timer with all lights for xp purposes since it appears to be dated?
-Revives (Probably a dead feature...)?
-Missions & BCNM solo on a timer?

It had so much potential. Being like Areuhat is fun. Transforming into a monster, or having a creature alter ego. A quest could have been based off of her like the Morpher from Tactics, but I digress.....I know this was probably discussed, or maybe they shutdown updates to Monstrosity, just thought it would not hurt to ask lol.

As you can probably see, I am a fanatic for this type of stuff. I wish more mmo implemented a feature like this. Back in the day, it would have been great to see new monsters in the update notes, only to know,sometime later, they would be playable.