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    Escha/Reisenjima Level Cap Status Bug

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Verizon
    Type of Internet Connection: Fiber
    Internet Connection Speed: 100mb
    Date & Time: 6/30/2019 @ 2:07pm
    Frequency: Occasionally
    Character Name: Schmutz
    Race: Elvaan
    World: Carbuncle
    Main Job: Blue Mage
    Support Job: Rune Fencer
    Area and Coordinates: Escha-Zi'Tah
    Party or Solo: Solo, but with another player in the instance.
    NPC Name:
    Monster Name: Azi Dahaka
    1. Fight monster.
    2. Monster "Falls to the ground" via Dia instead of via player direct attack.
    3. Level cap status is lost before monster dies, resulting in no spoils.

    The same bug also occurred last night while our Linkshell was in Reisenjima fighting Teles for Aeonic progress.
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