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    [EU][Installer] Default Language Set to None

    Platform: Windows (Wine/Gentoo LInux)
    ISP: Telia
    Type of Internet Connection: 4G
    Internet Connection Speed: 0-30 Mbps
    Date & Time: 2019-06-24
    Frequency: Always
    Character Name: Dragoy
    Race: Hume Male
    World: Fenrir
    Main Job: Samurai
    Support Job: Bard
    Area and Coordinates: PlayOnline Viewer
    Party or Solo: Solo Party
    NPC Name: pol{,boot}.exe
    Monster Name: FFXIFullSetup_EU
    1. Download the installer/data files linked to at:
    2. Install the PlayOnline Viewer.
    3. Observe none of English, Français, or Deutsch being selected as the language in the PlayOnline Viewer.
    Normally one can not de-select the language, so it would always be either English, Français, or Deutsch. It seems like this is also being used to determine the current region, and with none of the previously mentioned languages being set, it will be NA.

    One of the effects this has, is that when launching Final Fantasy XI via the PlayOnline Viewer, the ESRB notice is displayed (which does not apply to the Europe).

    Another is that the incorrect timezone is used in certain places (probably only within the PlayOnline viewer).

    Differences between the UK and US English within the PlayOnline Viewer are perhaps probably possible too.

    The previous installer(s) would ask for the language to be used at the very beginning of the installation process, and I imagine this would carry on to the PlayOnline Viewer's settings. This step was probably dropped due to English being the only supported language nowadays, and as such, the viewer could default to it as well (which it kind of does already, but therein lies the crux of the problem).

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    I also have wondered about the ESRB notice in the UK/European version compared to my previous install (which I don't recall having any notice). The UK being subject to the BBFC and PEGI system.

    Another thing that I have noticed is a fairly long delay just after the ESRB screen, loading into the game screen.
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