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Thread: Scourge of RMT

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    It's not possible because square makes too much money from them.

    it's entirely possible to track and block their CC, not so much IP. But that's what prepaid cards are for. so no. they can't. And if they could. They wouldn't. Square makes more money just from RMT accounts than total active "players" lol.

    It's still a business at the end of the day, and I mean seriously, it would be stupid to do it. It's just logic.
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    The one penalty that used to be wielded was the financial expense of a banned game key. Any title utilizing "no cost" or "trivial cost" marketing with "trial" access or "free time" gimmick policies will suffer from the ad pollution within the internal communication interfaces of said game.
    The illicit yells are a symptom; the disorder is the existence of the violating web addresses and the apathy of the credit card companies and financial intermediary businesses. Developers are going to have to use their leverage to exterminate the means of the violating webpage(s) from collecting any payment from any respectable financial business that is currently being exploited.
    Heavy upfront buy-ins for gamers and a large staff of real humans employed as a policing force is the future for online gaming where player to player trading/marketplace occurs; unless the violating web addresses can be demolished.
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