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    Request: Fractional wait values

    I'm pretty sure I've seen this requested before, but a cursory prowl of the forums doesn't pick up anything recent.

    Would it be possible to allow us to use fractions of a second to /wait or <wait> in macros?


    Would it be possible to allow us to use consecutive /equipset commands without them causing errors, so we can do this without using /wait at all?

    This is a problem for me if I want to use Fast Cast to quickly cast spells and still land them at full potency or duration. This sometimes works for some longer-casting spells, but never works for shorter ones - and even then, not consistently. And this is exacerbated by buffs that grant Fast Cast, like Rune Fencer's Inspiration trait, that mean I can't really predict how much Fast Cast is safe to use.

    I can understand that possibly you folks at SE may not want us to have our cake and eat it too - some confirmation would be nice. I would like to point out, however, that a very large proportion of the population cheat as a matter of course to do this anyway. It's frustrating seeing people instantly casting spells at full potency and knowing that there's absolutely no way I can match them, no matter how hard I try.


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    I think they're afraid that if they allow a higher level of precision it will allow a greater level of automation than intended as a consequence. I imagine they could probably get away with it if it was only allowed for specific commands.

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