Platform: Windows 10
ISP: Orange
Type of Internet Connection: Optic Fiber
Internet Connection Speed:100mbs
Date & Time:30 May, 2019 03:30 GMT+1
Frequency: Always
Character Name: Kenshi
Race: Hume M
World: Ragnarok
Main Job: RUN
Support Job: WAR
Area and Coordinates: Reisenjima Henge and Legion
Party or Solo: Party and Solo
NPC Name: None
Monster Name: Kin and Bozzetto Charger

When you use a Blood pact: Rage that heals the target, the chat message instead show that the healed is the actor of the blood pact.
Example: Ramuh uses Volt Strike. Ramuh recovers 15634 HP.
This could happen with bst and pup pets too but I haven't tested it.