Platform: PC - Installed may 2019

ISP: Time Warner/Spectrum

Type of Internet Connection: Cable 200/20mbps

Date & Time: Current - 5/24/2019

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1. Always

Character Name:


World: Asura

Main Job: White Mage/Scholar

Area and Coordinates: All

NPC Name:


Basically I'm unable to merit the spells "Protectra" and "Shellra" tier V. When I bought the scrolls from Hakim in Lower Jeuno, and the screenshot above shows how they appear in my inventory.

The spells still show up in my merit list
However I'm unable to allocate merit points to them.

I've attempted relogging, dying to delevel to 74 and trying again. Job switching, prayers to satan, even attempting ingame bug reports. My install is recent, the steam version from may 2019.

I'd appreciate some feedback, thanks.