Platform: Windows 10
ISP: South Central
Type of Internet Connection: Land-Line
Date & Time: May 17
Frequency: Continuous
Character Name: Sivara
Race: HumeF
World: Behamut
Main Job: Red Mage, Lv. 99
Support Job: Dancer
Area and Coordinates: Bastok Mines
Party or Solo: Solo

1. I was not sure what to make of it at first and wasn't sure what happened. Now I am beginning to be missing items and they seem changing into a blank space and named: .
2. At first I thought it was just add into my inventory some how so I dropped it but know I do not know what I dropped.
3. I got on today (May 18th) to notice that my Naegling had been changed into the same thing. However, it is not even listed in my wardrobe. However, I have it set in my macros to switch over to that gear quickly in battle and the following picture is what I get:

P.S.(note the Naegling was in my Wardrobe and is not the item I dropped yesterday that I mentioned above)
P.P.S.(If possible of recovery I have not ever used the recovery system before but I would like to get what ever it is back)