Windows 10

ISP: TDNET (Telefonica de España)

Type of Internet Connection:

Optic Fiber

Internet Connection Speed:

600 Mbps

Date & Time:

2:00 AM GMT+1


1. Always

Character Name:






Main Job:

Blue Mage 92

Support Job:

Ninja 46

Area and Coordinates:

Balga's Dais (?,?)

Party or Solo:

Solo and Party (2 members)

NPC Name:


Monster Name:



The issue occurred during the "Beyond Infinity" quest:

I talked to the "Nomad Moogle" near "Maat" in "Ru'Lude Gardens" and traded a "Seasoning Stone" and then pressed "Nowhere yet".

I then went to Bastok and talked to "Degenhard" and traded the following items:

"Seasoning Stone", "Fossilized Bone" and "Fossilized Fang".

I got a "Olde rarab tail". I did this 2 more times for a total of 3 times.

I then went back to the "Nomad Moogle" near "Maat" in "Ru'Lude Gardens" and talked to him again. I chose to be teleported to Balga's Dais. I pressed enter to enter the instance of this quest.

From that point foward I was unable to move, access the menu or close the game (I had to close it through Windows 10's Task Manager). I tried this several times, one of them with someone else in my party and the same happened.

There was another player who had the same problem of being unable to move, he had done the quest before and said it was a bug. I don't remember his name.