Here are the weekly announcement and forum posts from April 12th through April 18th.

  • Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza 2019
    The Egg Hunt Egg-stravangza is currently underway until April 29th, so be sure to take part in the seasonal event!

Forum Posts
  • Icon for Endorsement Ring (Posted on the Japanese forum)
    A player mentioned that the endorsement ring icon looks exactly like the Capacity Ring and had times where they almost threw the ring away. They requested to have the item icon changed for the endorsement ring and we replied back saying we'll change it in the next version update.

  • Reasoning behing why Synthesis Focuser II is set the way it is now (Posted on the Japanese forum)
    A player asked if it would be possible to add a history feature to the Synthesis Focuster II to make it easier to go through the list. We mentioned the reason why it was setup this way was because of two reasons. One was from gaming perspective that it gives a sense of tension that you'll need to go through this quickly during the timeframe give. The second reason, while we cannot go into details, it is to prevent illicit activity. By having a history feature, it allows to skip steps, so we have no plans to address add this feature.

  • Recording and Sharing FFXI Gameplay Videos
    A player asked if it would be legally fine to record them playing FFXI and share the video uploaded on our forums. We replied that as long as the video recording abides by the Material Usage Guideline it would be fine to do so.