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    Things to Adjust on bst

    Just thinking of when Beastmaster might get some adjustments. I know I have made several threads on different ideas, but I wanted to post them in a list.

    1. Restore range for pet commands back up to 17 or 20. the change did not have the desired effect. it simply made it easier to mess up pet commands by cancelling them unexpectedly. Its ridiculous to keep track of distance to pet. Unless SE wants to encourage the use of 3rd party addons.

    2. More ilvl Pets. I would love to get the 8 unique pets that cap at 114 with merits up to 119. (ie flytrap, hippogryph, leech, adamantoise, sabotender, Coeurl, Lynx, snow bunny) it has always seemed strange that Beastmaster has LOST abilities as it levels up. These pets have some wonderful abilities, but are pretty much useless at high level fights because the level gap is too large.

    3. Pets should generate Enmity from self-buffing ready moves (ie zealous snort, secretion, bubble curtain, scissor guard, metallic body, etc). Really this fits the option for being able to tank on BST if a player puts serious effort in, but its not threat to how other Tank jobs operate.

    4. Snarl Enmity should be modified by Pet Enmity+ gear (Heyoka set!)

    5. TP Scaling for ready moves should be adjusted to go from 0 to 3000 instead of 1000 to 3000. Currently they start at 1000 no matter what actual tp is.

    6. Charm and Tame should be allowed even if pet is present. If the game won't support charming all the creatures which should be charmable, (ie almost everything), then let us use them while we have a jug pet. Let us bind w/ charm even if there is a pet out. let us use it for enmity if nothing else. Let us tame mobs even if we have a pet already. It becomes a crowd control move. At least they would not be completely useless as they are now.

    7. New pets would also fantastic. The recent update to puppetmaster made me hopeful ;.;

    8. Reduce recast on Feral Howl. 90s would be good in my opinion. OR keep the recast and such as it is, and make it AoE this would be a fun toy.

    9. More Killer Effects + gear, 3% Killer effects + earring plz. increase killer effect+ on Totemic trousers +3

    10. Shields with pet enhancing stats.

    11. Put a low end limit on Ready charge recast (10 seconds is good). And add the trait to other pieces of gear. This opens a broader range of play styles and support job selection.

    12. A corsair Trust that will give Beast Roll or Puppet roll, or Companion roll or Drachen roll

    Just sorting the list of fixes and suggestions for Beastmaster.
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