I think it's time to update this weapon skill. -10 magic evasion was mildly useful at level 75 when this was first introduced, but it was still chance based and required you to melee at level 75, which Red Mage didn't have a whole lot of tools to do so.

In the item level era, -10 magic evasion is absolutely worthless. We have an abundance of magic accuracy everywhere, and Frazzle III is infinitely more powerful and doesn't have the weapon skill conditional use (except for dark resistant mobs). Not to mention, they do the same thing. Why double up on magic evasion down effects instead of making Death Blossom unique?

I would like to see the additional effect of Death Blossom changed to magic defense down. We have no tools for that currently as Red Mage, and I think it's beyond time we get one. We have evasion down (Distract), defense down (Dia), magic evasion down (Frazzle), so let's turn Death Blossom in to magic defense down.