Please change this to 3 from 10. 10 is an extremely high number to attain for several factors. First, when compared to similar time sensitive events, like 'gain xp', or 'kill type mobs (x20)', the shear time it takes to complete is several times greater than the others and creates an unbalance. In addition to this, almost all gear from caskets has become vastly obsoleted over the years with the introduction of the ilevel system. At the 99 cap, several years ago, increased mob levels were introduced in the old zones, along with several new items that could be farmed from coffers. This increased the use of the older zones and gave purpose to opening coffers while gaining xp off the new mobs that were added. That was years ago and hasn't aged well. While I would love to see a boost in mob levels again for older zones, and new drops added to coffers, I feel the easier solution would be to change the record of eminence open casket requirement to 3, and including the seekers version of soul pyrie to the mix would possibly help as well. Thanks.