From the Freshly Picked Vana'diel Digest:

"When service for FINAL FANTASY XI started in Japan, players were able to fish up Excalibur in a certain area. At the time, we hadn't introduced anything like relic weapons, so they added Excalibur as one of the rarest weapons you can catch."

It would be really fun if it were possible to have a campaign where we could fish up items and equipment. Like adoulin armor from the beaches in Ceziak. Or ambuscade upgrade items from the docks in Mhaura.

I really enjoyed fishing back in 2005, even spent 2 weeks making sure I was in the high ranks to win a Pelican Ring.

Or as intitially intended, add a new legendary weapons that can only be obtained via fishing in certain areas. It would be fun to visit zones that arent visited much these days.