Asura server.
Name: Dowski

About a year ago I came back to game and worked and spent many hours toward completing my first Aeonic. I cleared the first two zones and spoke to Temprix both times and only had Albumen left and possibly one other. I wound up taking a break from the game and came back and spoke to Temprix and he only has my progression with about 5 or so NM's from RuAun which is 100% inaccurate.

I know for certain after I finished ZiTah the first thing I did was speak to Temprix and after I cleared WoC (my last clear in RuAun) I went directly to Temprix as well. I probably cleared T1-T3 in RuAun many many times and I don't even have credit for those. The biggest sign I know I lost progression is that I know I killed all of the AA's and Gods all in the same run and I know I went and confirmed that progress with Temprix as well.

Bottom line is I did everything correct and made sure to speak to Temprix after each zone and I cleared all the way up to Albumen or whatever it is my vorseals show as this is my first Aeonic clear.

I truly hope this can be fixed as it's the main reason I came back to the game and if not then I will most likely permanently deactivate my content ID and will say farewell to the game for the last time. As a player from 2006 I truly hope SE does the right thing and grants my the progression clearly shown by my vorseals.