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    Unable to Obtain FIRE Weather for Summoner (Valefore)
    Hello there, (I think i am going crazy or this is very bugged)
    Windows 10 Pro, running in Windowed mode.

    Virgin Media
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    Date & Time:
    The last 3 weeks, so Roughtly since 26-28 Feb 2019. However Been More obverise last 3 days.
    All the time. - would seem
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    NIN45 /THF75/

    Area and Coordinates:
    Valknum dunes, Cape Terrigan, altap desert (east and west)

    Party or Solo: N/A, NPC Name:None ,Monster Name:None

    I have been trying to unlock summoner for the last 3 weeks, i have every weather Except Fire.
    I have been to Every location listed on the wiki, that should give fire if in the area long enough. (zoning in and out when the weather starts)
    Within the last 3 days, i have say in the Valkum dunes 15th march for 11+ RL hours.
    And last 2 days in altap desert and cape terrigan, None of this in over 7+ RL hours have give the fire weather.
    I also traveled to several locations around the world looking for this weather with no luck.
    My son who is also playing is having the same issuse as me. - “Verinblood” he has all other weathers, but has been unable to obtain fire.
    I suspect after reading Reddit posts and forums that this could be a bug that did orcure back in 2012 where the weather system stopped using one type of weather.
    However the game has come along way since there. But old bugs do pop up.. *(being a programming i know this).
    Please let me know if fire weather is broken. Or if its just me.. My entire link shell has been on the lookout for this weather, in multipul zones, and been unable to see it.
    Thanks for your time.

    EDIT: - Seems that since ive made this post, its fire weather everywhere? strange, but thanks assuming someone fixed its since no fire weather in 3 weeks.. suddenly its eevrywhere.
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