A heads up for both the development team at SE [as well as the gaming community]

The codes for this item [found here: https://www.bg-wiki.com/bg/Murrey_Grisaille]
no longer work as it would appear that it is time limited for you to redeem the code for the bonus items. I meant to redeem the codes for an alternate character.

Unfortunately, I hadn't known this and ordered the book from SE's website [brand new] and got an error for an invalid code.

Is there any chance the development team can reincorporate this item back into the game with associated redemption codes - especially for those of us who have codes that we cant redeem at the moment? I cant imagine that it would be a heavy lift as it is a preexisting item already within the game [One of my alternate characters has one redeemed via a code from a previous purchase some time ago]

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter - its a pretty cool bonus that I'm sure folks wouldn't mind having.