Template: The NPC Gorpa-Masorpa is Missing

Platform: PC
ISP: Comcast
Type of Internet Connection: Wifi
Internet Connection Speed: 50Mbps
Date & Time: 03-11-2019
Frequency: Constant
Character Name: Xynin
Race: Tarutaru
World: Quetzacoatl
Main Job: Blue Mage
Support Job: Ninja
Area and Coordinates: Mhuara (G-9)
Party or Solo: Both
NPC Name: Gorpa-Masorpa
Monster Name: None
1. Logged, moved to NPCs usual location, and wasn't there.
2. Attempted to refresh the characters by, walking 50+ yalms, zoning out and back in, logging out and back, and finally shutting down the game and reopening it. None of these procedures worked.

(Note* It is still possible to access the ambuscade areas via the book. Just unable to access any of the rewards because the Gorpa cannot be seen or targeted.)