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    Unable to Obtain Bronze/Silver Shovel Cordon Key Items

    Unable to Obtain Bronze/Silver Shovel Cordon Key Items

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Ashland Home Net
    Type of Internet Connection: CATV
    Internet Connection Speed: 30Mbps
    Date & Time: Mar. 11, 2019 00:20 EST
    Frequency: Ongoing
    Character Name: Kahlel
    Race: HumeM
    World: Bismarck
    Main Job: Any
    Support Job: Any
    Area and Coordinates: Celennia Memorial Library, ?-?
    Party or Solo: Solo
    NPC Name: Reja Ygridhi
    Monster Name: N/A
    Steps: I submitted this bug previously here. It was initially moved to 'Accepted Bugs', then to 'Insufficient Information', though no specific additional information was requested.

    After having reviewed the requirements to obtain these key items on multiple websites (here and here), and having verified my completed quest logs and key items on multiple occasions, I believe there is a bug preventing me from obtaining the Bronze Shovel Cordon and Silver Shovel Cordon key items. To confirm, I have verified the following:
    • Obtained both Ivory Wing Talisman key items
    • Completed all Adoulin quests through the final reward tier granted by Reja Ygridhi - received 30,000 bayld reward upon completion of my last Adoulin quest (Mistress of Ceremonies)
    • Completed all Coalition assignments through 'Legend' rank (with the exception of the 5 'Provide' assignments no longer available from the Courier Coalition). I have 90 completed Coalition Assignments in my quest log

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    -- EDIT --
    Since I'm unable to post to this thread, editing this post to provide an update.
    Killing both Yumcax and Hurkan unlocked both the Bronze and Silver Shovel Cordons, so this issue has been resolved.
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    Hello Kahlel!

    Thank you for re-posting your bug report regarding your inability to obtain the Bronze Shovel Cordon and Silver Shovel Cordon key items. We would like to submit this report for you, but we will first need to gather some additional information. This would be best done within the game to avoid any additional delays. When you are available, please feel free to submit an in-game call so we can proceed with your Bug Report submission.

    Thank you for your patience, and best wishes to you.
    FINAL FANTASY XI Game Master Team