Years ago when I called GMs to report fishbots, they would either appear or would transfer the fishbots to GM jail. This seems to have changed as bots now need to be reported though the Special Task Force.

Please give this power back to the GMs, automated bot farming is running rampant on asura, I've reported automated farming bots for over 6 months now to the STF, yet they are still here.

GMs can actually witness them doing the things I am reporting them for, which I think would lead to more timely removal of cheaters.

Look at it from the player point of view. I've reported the same players for months, yet they are still here. STF says they are banning X amount per month, freezing X amount of gil, yet I've not seen 1 of the people I've reported banned.

Do you honestly believe a real player can run the EXACT same routes down to the pixel for hours on end with zero breaks? If this is not a clear sign of automation, I don't know what is.

I will continue to do my part in reporting them, but it seems like nothing is changing, a wasted effort.

Thank you for your time GM Sonnokoth and sorry I missed your call GM Verethentus.