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    How do I resolve this issue between Chains of Promethia and RoV

    In CoP I am on Ancient Vows and on RoV I am on Crashing Waves. I had received my cutscene at the Dilapedated Gate with Ulmia and now it says my Current mission and last completed mission are both Ancient Vows but I cannot get past the Dilapedated Gate to do Crashing Waves. So I cannot proceed on CoP or RoV. Please help.

    I have the Mysterious Amulet as I had received it from Prishe before and it is still in my Key Items but I did not receive it again in cutscene at the dilapedated gate with Ulmia like the mission describes in the Wiki.
    I got the dialog with Justinius when I got back from the Dilapedated gate and went back again did not get a cutscene and could not enter so I can continue to complete Ancient Vows with out access to Riverne. I went to and over the bridge in The Tavansian Safehold no one I have talked to in game has any ideas what to do but I sure want to get my to characters I had created back on Seraph into possiblities for endgame fun.

    Delete this post please since the first part said Dilapedated gate at I-11 I headed back there after the dialog with Justinius. It took going there one more time to notice it did not say Rivern when I touched it.
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