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    Drg's biggest problem. In my opinion.

    Hello I make this thread mainly in hopes that the devs see this. I wanted to address what I personally feel is dragoons biggest problem as a heavy dd compared to warrior, dark knight, and samurai. I feel the biggest issue falls on the weaponskills tied to the weapon of choice for dragoon itself. As most of them are just weaker compared to similar weapon skills that other jobs have like resolution and stardiver both being str based multihits with ftp carried across all hits. Just stardiver has less ftp and 1 less hit compared to reso. I feel that a change to weaponskills to help them hit a little harder, might help dragoon compete better with other heavy damage dealers in the game. I do not think it really needs changes to abilities and such as it already has pretty nice abilities tied into it as a job. The tp overflow from jumps and ability to dump hate, along with the wyvern buff drg has plenty of ability love. Now its weapon just needs some.
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