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    The /yell politics needs to stop.


    I've reported more times than I care to count. My blacklist is full, and filtering /yell means missing out on actual content. I can't open multiple tickets to report people, and honestly, writing down the names is overly tedious. I'm not playing FFXI to listen to trolly political debate.

    GMs need to step in and actually moderate this. It's not an individual problem, it's widespread. Reporting people is always met with "without names, we can't do anything." I made the simple suggestion the other night that a GM just sit in town and watch yells, but got the same scripted answer back.

    It's absolutely toxic, and as a returning player, it's seriously making me question why I bothered coming back. As a non-American, I don't care at all about American politics, and I certainly don't like sitting there listening to people debate whether or not Nazism was OK. But alas, SE continues to allow the behavior. It needs to stop, and it can't just be through individual reports. You guys need to step up, moderate, and start publicly punishing people for behavior. It's one thing to have a proper debate, but the Russian trolls on Twitter are more civil than /yell on Asura. That's sad.

    Fix it, please.

    (and don't bother commenting on the fact that Toxic is in my name, thanks)
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