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    A few minor suggestions about Voidwatch

    I'd like to start out by saying I do not inherently have a problem with the structure of Voidwatch, nor the drop rate of Heavy Metal Pouches. I feel given the fact that Empyrean weapons for many jobs are an extremely valuable investment that the drop rate is fair. And the accumulation rate of void stones is probably also fair, and the addition of voiddust is only a positive.

    However, I feel like there are some arbitrary inconveniences tagged on that overly penalize new players/characters who have not had years to accumulate a stock of thousands of stones that could stand to be addressed, with hopefully what I believe are some minor changes. The reality of this could not turn out to be so simple, and I acknowledge that game development is not as simple as the end result would suggest, so when I say simple and minor I mean from a functionality standpoint.

    One, allow voiddust to be bought in the same quantities as cells. 1, 3, 6, 9, 12. The one-at-a-time just makes it arbitrarily take longer. Why? This is an interface blockade that forces a player to spend more time navigating menus than actually playing.

    The second and last of my points has a number of possible solutions. Simply put, the three-six voidstone limit means that those players who are out of voidstone stock must continually run back to town, functionally serving the same arbitrary blockade as forcing voiddust to be purchased in single. This is a limitation that is not experienced by players who have had the time to accumulate a stock many times that of a new player/character. I don't mean to aim my aggression at older players, but it's a simple statement of fact. More time running back and forth just pads the time. The players are still having to accumulate other currencies to buy voiddust for. There is still effort being put into this accumulation elsewhere. Why pad that out even further?
    Here, then, are a few possibilities.
    • Add more personal voidstone inventory. New key items to allow for more void stones in your inventory, or the existing key items allowing for more void stones per KI. This is the most minor change to the existing status quo, but it'd put more time between having to run to town.
    • Add the ability to convert voiddust into stocked voidstones. Or the ability to return voidstones to stock. I could even stomach a rise in voiddust price to adjust for this.
    • Simply add the ability to trade dust for stones at planar rifts. Still limited by player inventory and ability to accumulate stones, but the most expedient of these methods.

    Being a returned player on a new character I am not exactly a stranger to grind. But I'd rather focus on the grind of murdering harpies repeatedly to face disappointment at the pyxis contents than the grind of going through menus and running back and forth between town and the planar rifts more than I would otherwise have to.

    I hope my suggestions have been phrased in a productive manner. Good luck grinding those Empys, everyone.
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