Platform: Windows
Type of Internet Connection: DSL
Internet Connection Speed: 250mb
Date & Time: 17/02/2019 04:52
Frequency: Aways
Character Name: Smokenttp
Race: Hume
World: Asura
Main Job: PUP
Support Job: DNC
Area and Coordinates: Sih Gates / buburimu peninsula
Party or Solo: Party
NPC Name: none
Monster Name: Apex Leech, Apex Chapuli / Abyssdiver
1. Equip any h2h
2. Gather 1000 TP
3. Use the weapon skill Asuran fists
4. Equip Kaja Knucles
5. Gather 1000 TP
6. Use the weapon skill Asuran fists
7.Compare both damages wich get roughly the same