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    Value of Raise Spells - Weakness Penalty & Duration - Desire to Returning to Battle

    Bringing this back up from , can we please get adjustments that were overdue for the increasing the value of Raise spells and easing the penalty and duration of weakness? Again, this was something that the Dev Team brought up in jan 2014 for an update in feb 2014 but was pushed back and then overtime, this subject was never brought back up. The EXP penalty when KO'd is negligible regardless which Raise spell was used since gaining back exp is very easy thus losing it's value of needing the Raise II/III compared to back in level 75 days.

    *Easing of the death penalty
    The amount of experience lost when being knocked out has been reduced to one-fourth of the previous value. Moving forward I’m thinking to get rid of experience loss completely, but how do you all feel about this? Also, if we do this, we are also thinking to have different weakness times in order to add value to the different tiers of Raise.

    There's no difference in loss of EXP, regardless of Raise spells, losing value over the years.

    In some high end endgame content, there is desire to returning to battle quickly in the event of Death/KO.
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