Hey everyone,

I would like to share some thoughts on areas black mage could use some improvements...

1) Base nuke damage seems very low, making many fights require a Skillchain to be set up in order to push out decent damage.

2) Ancient Magic 2 needs to be looked at. They are very far behind in the games current state.

3) Is it possible to add more spells yet to the BLM list? Spells like Virus, Curse, or even Aga 4 and Aga 5 spells.

4) Can we remove the AoE damage reduction if there is more than one enemy hit? Right now Black Mage seems to be the only one affected by this. Weapon skills are unaffected, blue magic is unaffected, bst pets are unaffected and so are smn avatars. Why Black Mage?

5) Can the WS, Vidohunir, be adjusted to have extra damage based on tp? Similar to Leaden Salute and True Flight?

6) My last one! Might be too overpowered, but can we have a way to reduce Mana Wall cooldown?

Anyone else have any suggestions?