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    dragoon need some love !

    ok so, befor saying anything i should say that i am a aeonics DRG nearly perfect geared (with macro for gear depending on JA or WS)
    with augmented R13 trishula, so yes im talking with experience and not theory !

    ok so yes the recent "update" on DRG jump is most welcome (even if i keep saying that this change always should have been a thing ...) and would have much more prefered a change in "spirit surge" because lets be honest its near to completely useless or very VERY situational but whatever thsi isnot my main complain bout the job

    dragoon need a serious buff in raw damage, let me explain
    yes DRG is "beautifull" for self SC, ok i agree with you, spamming dark = umbra over n over is pretty fun
    but in event like reisenjima nm, or omen or even dynamis where everyone spam like crazy, gl setting a SC ...

    next and so far my best example, did few run with a SAM
    (dotn have a REMA and its important to take note of this !),
    to go beat Fu, well i can WS for a good average of 75K~ (more or less), but when i checked to this sam and just saw him spamming over n over 99K with ease, was really frustrating considering he didnt had any REMA whatsover ...
    (he was in same pty as me so same buffs)
    hope that devs will check onto this

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    I think the biggest shortcoming of drg is that its weaponskills that are tied to its weapon are pretty lack luster compared to other heavy dds like war and drk.