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    Thoughts on scaling some Enhancing Magic spells and changes for a few?

    I don't have much coming to mind at the moment but pretty in general with some, if not most, enhancing magic spells could use some potency adjustments in scaling formula.

    Phalanx and Stoneskin is what comes to mind the most that could use some direct scaling in potency formula with higher enhancing skill. I know there are bits of old gear that enhances Stoneskin but that's just it (Not counting augments). And Phalanx II... a merit spell that's much weaker than Phalanx I, right?

    Bar-element spells... I haven't got any thoughts really, maybe a little more boost to potency?

    Bar-status spells maybe the same for the above, but any info from the devs what it really does?

    Enspells, as far for T1 they are fine as is but for T2 maybe should drop the "Initial Attacks" and work on all hits.

    Boost/Gain magic stat should have adjusted change to potency formula and not have a hard cap of 25+ stat
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