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    Cooking...has the Dev team really dropped the ball for Culinarians or something?

    So, what is up with this? Have we been forgotten? Did the Devs drop the ball on this craft and just scrap off new recipes (especially with the ideas we gave them) and just skipped through this craft entirely? only 2 recipes were made with each requiring their respective argentum/aurum tome key items... that's it. What happened? No follow-ups? Nothing to address on the status of food or lack of new recipes while other crafts get newer recipes? It's seems far too late now for waiting a long time (near 1 year and a half?) hoping for new food recipes while other craft recipes were released over time. So let's be honest, apart from clearing stage 3 shield (I had been in possession of the Argentum Tome to make Marine Stewpot), is it even worth the effort to go through the spirit stage for the Cooking Escutcheon, it won't make up for so much time and gil spent for creating it compared to other crafts that are able to make up and profit through with the Dyna D weapons.

    And also, has it ever dawned on anyone (me just now lol) how the materials to craft said Dyna D weapons / JSE necks are available in exchange for medals and yet the Offering food items are not.

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