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    Please change how the difficulty selection for 'Full Speed Ahead!' works.

    Once you know how it works, it's not that difficult to do it first-try on the baseline difficulty... but that isn't really the problem with having it as the baseline. The problem with the quest is how much time people will waste figuring the quest out in the first place, and it's time they won't get back... and it's time they possibly didn't enjoy spending on it, too. The mechanics aren't relevant ever again either, as far as I know, so it's just there to waste your time on something you possibly don't find fun or worthwhile. It's also pretty disrespectful to the player to mandate them to fail the first time unless they've read several guides and watched a video or two on top of that, but~ that may be something subjective to me.

    Would you mind just making the quest's selectable 'Easy' mode the baseline or, otherwise, move the difficulty selection to the start of the quest so you don't need to waste ten minutes getting coffee and making a sandwich if you don't want to deal with the quest in the first place? The 'Normal' mode should be kept... but only for the people who want it in the first place. The people who pick Easy don't want to deal with it, and the people who pick Normal like the mechanics of the quest (somehow) so nothing's lost.

    Edit#3: You can even rename them to "Give me a challenge" and "Don't waste my time" so they're representative of your mindset and how much you may or may not enjoy the quest, but that may be going a bit too far.
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