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    Nukumi set +2/3 Ideas

    I REALLY hope the battle content SE has planned for this year includes Empyrean armor upgrades to +2 and 3.

    I've made a habit of speculating on what those updates could look like.

    This is the main area where I actually do pay attention to power creep rather than looking for other aspects to make the gameplay fun. (restoring ja range for pets would be a FUN fix to make. ((shameless dig)))

    I expect upgraded versions to ofcourse have stats boosted to match the content level of the new battle content.

    I'm rather curious how this will work out. Ferine/Nukumi set has always seemed more Master Focused than the Artifact and Relic sets.

    However, Ankusa set got a bunch of master Attack boosts. I found that rather unexpected.

    I like the pattern of having 1 WSD 10% piece per set. I hope that continues for Nukumi.

    I wish the Totemic set would have had master wsd 10% on legs instead of hands. Could swap the WSD 10% from totemic hands with the pet attack +40 on totemic legs and I'd be happy. would be better overall synergy between totemic legs and killer effects (which I would have liked to see boosted to +5) and better synergy for the hands as well in my opinion. At least it would be inventory +1 because totemic hands could replace emicho for pet attack set.... which we usually just use Nukumi Gausape anyway.

    So I'll try to segue that idea into the suggestions/ideas I really want to post. I expect the stat increased. but the previous upgrade patterns suggest that each set get something new, and each piece gets something new:

    Nukumi Manoplas +3
    I'm hoping gets pet tp bonus up to at least 800
    I would also suggest some actual Pet Acc/Attack +. OR Macc/MAB any straight out pet damage boosting would be a really nice boost in how they are currently used, and an inventory saver.

    Nukumi Gausape +3:
    Like all pieces, appropriate stat boosts are appropriate, but the WDS +10% should go on this piece right here! Such BEAUTIFUL synergy with the Augment on Killer Effects! I still love my Nukumi gausape +1. I think this is the best place for a wsd augment.

    Nukumi Quijotes +3:
    I really hope the Stout servant bonus goes up to +4 (being a total bonus of 8% damage reduction on pet). It would replace tali'ah seraweels +2 for pet dt, but also a great hybrid master engaged/pet tanking piece. This is just hopes for straight up bonus. I'm not really sure what to add here though. Quijotes have been a solid masted tp piece w/ pet tanking bonus. I'm mentioning master tp piece bonuses for the while, set so i would add either additional tanking and tp bonuses for pet for this piece specifically.

    Nukumi Ocreae +3:
    The Spur bonus is very nice, but has only been a Job Ability swap piece for some time. When they were new, they were good tp and great Weaponskill piece. all of this simply builds on what they currently are. I would like to see more master/pet hybrid TP bonuses for this piece. I want alot of pet accuracy. Maybe some pet Double attack and or attack bonus on these feet. My only concern with that is that they mimic/override Totemic feet. So maybe a ready piece for pet str and DA would be more balanced.

    Nukumi Cabasset +3:
    This is one I would like to see a pet bonus on as well. mostly because I want to actually use that Pet correlation effects +24 which I hope goes up to 28 or 30... but its hard to say without understanding what that means exactly. It does appear to correlate with an attack and accuracy bonus, but its not exactly clear. A pet tp bonus like hands would also be alot of fun, but maybe a pet stat bonus like str/dex/int would be more appropriate.

    Set Bonus:
    This set already has a set bonus of occasionally letting Attack vary with pet hp. Which is why it really should be a great TP set for master. It generally is. However in order to compete with current master tp sets, it needs either alot of store tp, alot of Multi-attack or both. Also in this role, it should get some pet haste/acc bonuses. So I don't think the actual "Set Bonus" should change. but each piece should probably get either stp and da for master, or acc and haste for pet accross the board. Or both. Really the master stp/da bonuses would be much more valuable.

    Overall, I want the Body to be passable tp piece, but THE weaponskill piece to replace all others.
    The entire set should be good for master tp. competitive if not BiS. Legs also a pet tanking piece. Feet, head, and hands for Ready move swap pieces as well as good master tp.

    Those are the roles I see for this set. I'm excited to see how it turns out.
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