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    Draumstafir is trash.

    Draumstafir is trash because you guys can't balance BP rage SMN gear at all. Hell, because of the double attack change from 2? 3? years ago, Helios with perfect augments is still best in slot on paper for at least 3 of the 5 slots.

    The top four Melee (using volt strike) blood pact staves are Nirvana (with and without aftermath 3), Was+1, Gridarvor, and Was.
    Their base damage increases are ~40%(14%), 9%, 8%, and 7%.

    Because of Draumstafir's route C augment not being straight double attack, it does not compete with Nirvana even remotely and instead is arguably weaker than even Was, making it a very expensive and worthless piece. If Draumstafir did legitimately get 50% DA, it would put it at approximately 33% increase, plus the 25% stat modifier bonus, making it a fair competitor with Nirvana.
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