Hi SE,
I play 8 MASTERED jobs to different degrees and never have more than 10 free inventory slots on any given day.

I'm nearly 80/80 in all of my item storage containers. I have used every storage NPC and storage slip available. I do NOT have any furnishings or decorative items, beyond what is necessary to have 80 inventory slots for Storage.

Can you please fix our inventory situation? There currently is nowhere to put Escha-zone armor. Some suggestions include:

1.) Make certain containers like Safe/Storage/Locker only visible (loaded) when entering the Mog House or Mog Garden ....then add Mog Wardrobe 5, 6 and 7.

2.) Allow us to store Escha-zone Armor with or without augments, at an NPC, like some old NPCs currently allow with Event Armor. We can simply go to this new NPC to retrieve our armor at a later time.

3.) Perhaps we store augmented armor by writing the augment to a new Slip and store the unaugmented piece of armor at a new NPC. When we retrieve the un-augmented armor, we can apply the Augment Slip to it. Perhaps we can move augments around armor pieces in the same set, if you feel inclined to allow it, but this is not necessary.

Thank you for reading.