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    Unable to retrieve Trust Ciphers that have been discarded from Rhaposdy of Vana'diel

    Platform: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
    ISP: Spectrum Cable
    Type of Internet Connection: Broadband
    Internet Connection Speed: 200Mbp/s
    Date & Time: 5:06pm
    Frequency: Consistent
    Character Name: Yumeijun
    Race: Mithra
    World: Asura
    Main Job: White Mage
    Support Job: Scholar
    Area and Coordinates: South San'Doria [S] (M-6)
    Party or Solo: Solo & Party
    NPC Name: Mystic Retriever
    Monster Name: n/a
    1.Complete Rhaposdy of Vana'diel or a quest that awards a trust cipher, for this example I'll use Cipher: Lilisette II
    2.Realize your mistake and return to the Mystic Retreiver in South San'Doria [S] at (M-6)
    3. Upon targeting and hitting confirm to the NPC there will be zero interaction and you cannot retrieve the lost Cipher from the NPC

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    Hello Nidhogg,

    Thank you for posting about the issue you are having regarding the character item lve calculation. In order to investigate this further, we need some additional information from you. If you could please tell us what other Ciphers you could not get aside from Cipher: Lilisette II. Additionally, please name of the quest you completed to obtain Cipher: Lilisette II and whether or not you discarded it after after accepting it, or if you are trying to obtain it again after not being able to accept it. Also, there is no date and time. Once you have this information, please submit a new thread with it, so we may continue to investigate this issue for you.

    Thank you for your patience, and best wishes to you.
    FINAL FANTASY XIV Game Master Team