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    Disjoined Galka Shin-Zantetsuken bug

    Platform: PC
    ISP: att
    Type of Internet Connection: fiber optics
    Internet Connection Speed: 300mbit
    Date & Time: december 4th 11:38 est
    Frequency: once
    Character Name:Kozumi
    Race: mithra
    World: leviathan
    Main Job: dnc
    Support Job: NIN
    Area and Coordinates: dynamis bastok(d)
    Party or Solo: party
    NPC Name: Disjoined Galka
    Monster Name: Disjoined Galka
    We were fighting Disjoined galka, he summoned disjoined odin which then used Shin-Zantetsuken TWO times in a row at the exact same time. We all had RR, first one used up our RR, 2nd one didn't.

    I am led to believe that you should not be getting Shin-Zantetsukened twice in a row with zero time to apply reraise.

    Update: Seems to be related to having a PUP automaton tanking.
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