I response to the post here, though I wasn't able to respond directly to that thread as requested.

Bug Summary:

Date & Time bug occurred (Please indicate timezone): 03:47 GMT 29/11/2018
Frequency: Always
World name: Shiva
Character name: Haldarn
Retainer name: n/a
NPC name: n/a
Monster name: n/a
Class/Level: RDM99 (any)
Party or solo: Solo
In-game time: 08:30 (any)
Area and coordinates: Any
Housing: n/a
Steps taken to produce bug:
1. Go to Menu -> Key Items -> Mounts
2. Should "♪Coeurl" not be "♪Coeurl companion"? And also "♪Goobbue" not be "♪Goobbue companion"? Maybe "♪Omega" too?

Connection Specs
- Type of internet connection/provider: Virgin Media
- Modem maker/model number: n/a (direct connection)

PC/Console Specs:
System Information

Laptop Model Name: n/a (custom desktop)
Laptop Model Number: n/a

Gamepad Manufacturer: n/a
Gamepad Model Name: n/a
Gamepad Part Number: n/a

Browser Information
- Name and version of the browser currently in-use: n/a (my FFXI computer has no browsers installed)
- Internet Explorer Version: no idea, don't touch it. I thought they discontinued IE anyway?