I'm blatently fishing for information here

Nukumi Cabasset +1
DEF:102 HP+43 STR+24 DEX+25 VIT+23 AGI+18 INT+14 MND+14 CHR+19
Accuracy+26 Evasion+36 Magic Evasion+48 “Magic Def. Bonus”+2 Haste+8%
Pet: Monster correlation effects +24

This is another bst related stat (blu related also) that has been tested with limited results and feels mysterious.

In our testing we confirmed some vague Attack bonus when correlation effects were applicable. I think both Acc and attack.

For Blue mage, It looks like the only correlation players have measured is an increase in magic damage for correlating spells.

Both examples feel like they are pieces of a larger whole.

Can we get some clarification on what specific stats or effects are influenced by this Monster Correlation bonus? STR? attack, Magic attack? Magic Accuracy, Killer effect? nantoka