I understand that it's a lottery. A game of chance. But I've just had two venus orbs in a row immediately slam me with a Chest'O'Plenty after I saved up silver vouchers for HOW long? It's nearly twice as expensive, voucher wise, as the mars orb -so one would expect NOT to get screwed over by it as often. There should be maybe at least one "thud" noise before the monster spawns. Even if the items aren't the greatest, at least you wouldn't feel you just wasted weeks of vouchers saved.

Can we maybe consider doing something about that? I'm not asking for free handouts. Just maybe make the 10 vouchers vs 6 vouchers a little more worth it in terms of risk vs reward. It's pretty ridiculous if you can save for weeks and just walk in and get annihilated by the chest'o'plenty on your first chest or maybe a "noise" and then have it pop right after.

Lower the drop rates for the really good stuff, I don't care, as long as the damned monster doesn't ALWAYS pop up right away. Give us a CHANCE. All I'm saying Some of us have just come back to the game after 5 years and have no way of getting groups right now for omen bosses - this is our only way to get something like that. Please at least let us get a few chests. Mars orb is one thing. Venus orb is too expensive to justify getting screwed.

(some of you may be luckier than me and view it as just complaining - well, yeah, I admit - I'm venting a little here. Just feeling frustrated after 4 times doing this and getting screwed royally each time)