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    Regarding a Planned Update to Fix Mount Functionality

    Greetings to all FFXI players around the world.

    We would like to announce that we will be conducting emergency maintenance to revert one of the updates implemented in the Friday, November 9 version update.
    Please read on for the details.

    In the November version update, we implemented a fix to resolve an issue wherein alter egos could not be called forth under certain conditions. Unfortunately, this fix has resulted in a number of issues occurring with mount functionality.

    Specifically, these issues include: mounts being mountable in areas where they should not be, users being automatically dismounted during reives, a negative impact on default movement speed, and more.

    While we are working to address all these issues to the best of our ability, these issues are extremely wide-ranging. Given that the original issue affecting the calling forth of alter egos was far more limited in scope, affecting only certain areas under certain conditions, we have deemed this an emergency issue, and have made the decision to revert the fix in question.

    Regarding the issue affecting the calling forth of alter egos, we plan on addressing both the issue in question and the underlying cause in a future version update. As it is a deep-rooted problem, it may take some time, but we ask for your patience and understanding.

    We would like to offer our sincere apologies to all players for this inconvenience caused by this issue.

    We will be making a separate announcement regarding the specific details and schedule of the maintenance.

    Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
    FINALFANTASY XI Director Yoji Fujito

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    So that we can prepare, what are the original conditions that prevent us from calling Alter Egos?

    Thank you for your hard work, as well as addressing both all worldwide players, instead of just a single region.

    P.S. While I have your attention, please consider giving Beastmaster a Hecteyes jug pet item with a hat such as this one below. (This would a similar novelty to the original CourierCarrie and the Hecteyes family is not currently available in Jug form). Thank you for your time.

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