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    High Tier Battlefield - One to be Feared

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Comcast
    Type of Internet Connection: CATV
    Internet Connection Speed: 50Mbs
    Date & Time: 11/11/2018 - 1200 CST
    Frequency: Twice
    Character Name: Cordtaru
    Race: Tarutaru
    World: Bahamut
    Main Job: Bard
    Support Job: Ninja
    Area and Coordinates: Sealion Den
    Party or Solo: Party
    NPC Name: N/A
    Monster Name: Omega/Ultima
    1. We each obtained the appropriate Key Item to complete the Battlefield.
    2. We teleported to Sealion Den.
    3. We entered the Battlefield "One to be Feared" on Very Difficult setting.
    4. We summoned trusts inside to fill out the party.
    5. We defeated Omega followed by Ultima.
    6. Upon coming out of the battlefield we received item and chapter drops but zero gear drops.

    This happened to us twice in a row. We swapped to Difficult and received 2 gear item drops. My understanding was that at least 1 gear item drop was guaranteed on both Difficult and Very Difficult settings. Is this incorrect?

    Thank you.

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    If it's an item that is "Rare" that everyone has and that same item is selected in that drop slot, then it will not load into the pool. That's normal, just as long as it's a rare item that not everyone has then it will load into the pool
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