So I was trying to test out a Hybrid TP set today.

Interesting points are this:
Ankusa Axe / Izizoeksi
Heyoka Cap
Totemic Jackcoat / Ankusa Gloves / Thurandaut Ring +1
Artio's Mantle / Tali'ah Seraweels +2 / Ankusa Gaiters +3

The idea is to have decent tp stats (haste, and accuracy) to go w/ Pet tanking (Pet DT / PDT, Pet enmity)

I tried to fight a Single Apex Jagil in Woh Gates using Left-handed Yoko

There were no trusts.

I could not keep hate on my pet at all.

I kept using snarl as quickly as I could. I was only using 2 pieces in my TP set which had a constant Pet enmity: Izizoeksi and Heyoka Cap for a total of 15 Pet Enmity in my TP set.

I was shocked that I had to constantly stand far back trying not to meleee, and not to pull hate recasting Utsusemi and wait for snarl recast. I embarrassingly ended up dieing. Partly because I took too many hits early on and i was lazy with Utsusemi shadows at beginning, but mostly because Keeping Enmity on Pet was so difficult.

I really liked using Yoko to tank several Unity or Zi'tah NM's and I did not have trouble keeping enmity on pet. I was suprised it made such a difference.

but what really struck me was how incredibly difficult it was to keep Enmity on my pet. I really miss the Pet Enmity +20. Granted, i accept why it was removed, but this example really showed me how it left a hole behind. It would be really great if Pet Enmity Gear affected Snarl. So that we could actually Transfer more Enmity to pet.