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    FFXI Fan Event 2018

    I bought tickets to this event (the 1300 time slot), but now I see that the content is different between lunch and night sections.

    Could someone please explain further what the differences are? Do I need to purchase tickets for both sections?

    Also, is it acceptable to cosplay at this event? I want to represent my beloved Puppetmaster!

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    This is my understanding when I saw the last broadcast.
    Both daytime and nightime section consist of three events below.
    - Talk show
    - Recitation drama
    - NaNaa Mihgo's concert

    The contents of daytime section is different from nighttime section, especially the recitation drama.
    The story is concluded by hearing both daytime and nighttime, so that SE is recommending joining both sections.
    On top of that, FFXI team takes introduction talk at the beginning of each section.
    However, as you may know, all these events would be performed in Japanese.
    If you want to join both sections, you need to purchase total of 2 tickets.

    Regarding cosplay, SE has not mentioned cosplay and the existence of changing room so far.
    I think that it's not particularly a problem.
    Note that general visitors other than FFXI players are also coming to visit Yomiuri Land where the events above are held.

    I hope this information will help you.