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    Extend More Weapon Skills to jobs?

    Any chance to extending some of the older weapon skills to jobs that are more suited to their main use of weapons? Black Mages, Summoners and Scholars (although SCH has C+ in both staves and clubs) for example mainly use staves but do not have access to Earth Crusher, Sunburst, and Cataclysm (but yet Geomancer can use these weaponskills).

    Corsairs, outside of using Marksmanship, uses both Swords and Daggers (B+ on Dagger, B- for Sword) so I would want to say for them learning Red Lotus Blade, Seraph Blade, Vorpal Blade, Sanguine Blade and/or Viper Bite, Cyclone, Energy Drain, and Aeolian Edge. Although with Guns also being one of their main use of weapons, they never learned the weaponskills "Blast Shot" and "Heavy Shot".

    And why doesn't Blue Mages get Swift Blade!? (Requiescat is terrible damage for a merit weapon skill regardless of the nature of it!) They're best suited for swords with their A+ rank like paladins (rune fencers has A- in swords but learn swift blade but greatswords are their primary weapons)

    Rather odd how Samurai has E rank in Club but can learn seraph strike/moonlight/judgment/flash nova.
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