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    Alluvion Skirmish Augments not working.

    Platform: windows
    ISP: Cox internet
    Type of Internet Connection: Catv
    Internet Connection Speed: 162Mbit/s
    Date & Time: 9/28/18 17:00 central
    Frequency: unkown
    Character Name: Soajairo
    Race: Elvaan M
    World: Asura
    Main Job: Smn
    Support Job: Rdm
    Area and Coordinates: Western Adoulin J-10
    Party or Solo: solo
    NPC Name: Divainy-Gamainy
    Monster Name:
    1.Trading leafslit and leaftip stones trying to get WSD augement on doomsday.
    2.Noticed I wasn't getting Crit hit rate, Crit dmg or WSD with stones.
    3.Was getting Elemental siphon, Cure potency and fast cast with leaftip and leafslit stones.
    4.Went through about 15 stacks total of nq, +1 and +2.
    5. Not sure if it's a bug but i thought you could not get magic augments with those stones.

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    Hello viper87,

    Thank you for posting about the issue you are having regarding Alluvion Skirmish Augments. Unfortunately, based on the information provided, we were unable to successfully investigate you concern. If you are still having this issue, please submit a new thread with it, so we may further investigate this issue for you.

    Thank you for your patience, and best wishes to you.
    FINAL FANTASY XI Game Master Team