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Maculele Toeshoes mis-spelled in item description


KDDI au Hikari

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Fiber Optic

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1 Gbps

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D10/16/2018 5:00PM JST

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1. Always

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Hume M

World where the issue occurred.

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Dancer 99

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WAR 49 (also on any other subjob)

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Mog House

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Solo, but occurs anytime

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Monisette -- item is also misspelled when receiving the item from Monisette after reforging Empyrean armor.

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Opened inventory
Read description

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Looking at my inventory and reading the description

The issue is that the Maculele Toeshoes is spelled "Maculele Toeshose" when received from Monisette and also when reading the item description in the inventory. It does not seem to affect /equip macros when spelling the item correctly as Maculele Toeshoes.